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About Homer Brothers

Over 30 years of family ownership under the names of John Morris and Homer Brothers has brought the best that a family run business can bring: -

Common values
To share the same ethos and beliefs on how things should be done. This gives an extra sense of purpose and pride - and a competitive edge for your business.
Strong commitment
We're building a lasting business, which means we put in that little extra effort needed to make it a success and to serve our customers well. We are more likely to understand what you need and take a more flexible approach to make sure our customers are served well.
Our own strong personal bonds mean we naturally want to retain our customers to come back time and time again, and we show a determination to achieve that.
Knowing that we're building a business for the future we take pride in a long-term thinking approach, which is invaluable to our success.
Decreased costs
Being family owned, we don't have the costs that other stores have. This often enables us to be more flexible in our approach to making the sale or carrying out the service, in order to retain our customers.